The Big C – The Battle Doesn’t End After Treatment

Crooked Tales by Jennifer L Thorpe

I beg you all to read this article attached. PLEASE! If not now, then save it for later. If you know anyone who has had cancer and was blessed enough to survive, this is a must read. In fact, you know me so that is reason enough to take a few minutes out of your day and read this.

If you don’t know anyone, then still READ. Chances are you will know someone one day. However, I don’t wish that on my worst of enemies.

Although this woman was diagnosed with a different form of cancer and her treatments where far longer and more intense than mine, what she says is all too familiar for me and most other people who have walked the cancer battle path. I have a hard time explaining to those around me and this woman has put it in a nutshell.

I was diagnosed…

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