We Need To Talk

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Alice Threw the Fooking Glass

We Need To Talk

Do those words make you cringe? I mean, if we’re being honest, nothing good usually follows that phrase.  But what I have in mind is.  At least, I hope it is, and it certainly can be if people are willing to approach it with open hearts and minds, and with the intention of having honest communication without any hostility or anger.  If people will join the conversation with as much attention given to listening as they give to speaking.

Here is what I propose:  an open conversation between all races and cultures in a very real attempt to try to find a way to actually live in harmony with one another.  To stop all the finger-pointing and bring about real, honest change.  Generations before us worked tirelessly, and with great and very real threats to their safety and their lives to make change happen and were hugely successful, but it can’t stop…

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