Pre-Opt to Blackout

For anyone who is aware and and participating in the Pre Opt to Blackout, I propose the following:

My understanding is that the focus of the boycott is to conduct business with only black/African owned/operated companies through the Labor Day weekend, in order to let your voices be heard about the injustices of the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, and many others who have lost their lives to the hand of a white man.

I couldn’t agree more that these losses are very tragic, and your voices should be heard.

My question is, how do you think your voices will be heard by this boycott?

You say that it will hit the government’s wallet with a swift slap, and you hope it hits hard. I would also love to see that happen. But, this will not only hurt the government. This will hurt those other people around you, that are supporting your black/African owned businesses along side of you.

How is this boycott going to change what has happened?

If you are in agreement with this boycott, does this mean you are opposed to other races? If so, are you opposed to all other races?

I’ve been passing this back and forth in my mind for several days. I may even regret posting this down the road. At this point, I don’t care. I have been sitting back and observing the chatter. Yet, I am not a troll or imposture. I am a human being who cannot sit back any longer, biting my tongue.

I would really like to see some commentary here on my post. With all due respect, please keep it civil.

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We Need To Talk

Reblogging “We Need To Talk”

Alice Threw the Fooking Glass

We Need To Talk

Do those words make you cringe? I mean, if we’re being honest, nothing good usually follows that phrase.  But what I have in mind is.  At least, I hope it is, and it certainly can be if people are willing to approach it with open hearts and minds, and with the intention of having honest communication without any hostility or anger.  If people will join the conversation with as much attention given to listening as they give to speaking.

Here is what I propose:  an open conversation between all races and cultures in a very real attempt to try to find a way to actually live in harmony with one another.  To stop all the finger-pointing and bring about real, honest change.  Generations before us worked tirelessly, and with great and very real threats to their safety and their lives to make change happen and were hugely successful, but it can’t stop…

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A Silent Ecocide

Voces del Tierra

Gustavo. Photo courtesy of Samuel Remerand. Evolve to Ecology. Gustavo. Photo courtesy of Samuel Remerand. Evolve to Ecology.

While many are quite understandably distracted by the war and genocide unfolding in Gaza and the Ukraine, the rainforest of Ecuador is quietly being destroyed on an epic scale.

Petroamazonas, a national Oil Company is now responsible for one of the largest terrestrial oil spill’s that has just taken place in one of the world’s most biodiverse hotspots, over 600,000 barrels of crude oil have contaminated several rivers in the Amazon, rivers that four indigenous tribes depend upon for fishing, bathing and drinking. Some of these communities are still recovering from the Chevron oil spill twenty years ago. Now, the crude oil has reached Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and three weeks later, no action has been taken by the Ecuadorian environmental ministry.

In 2008, Ecuador became the first country to include Rights for Nature in it’s Constitution, however this been completely…

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Depression is not a Disease but an Indication that Human Consciousness needs to Change

Voces del Tierra

Robin Williams What Dreams May Come-Robin Williams  RIP

After hearing the sad news of Robin Williams and his suspected suicide, I am really tired of hearing some people refer to depression as a ‘disease’. It is not a disease, but more chemical and emotional imbalance of the brain, normally affected by long-term stress, deep trauma or grief, for some it is difficult to diagnose the root cause. Here is a good article written by Dr John Grohol on defining Depression for those of you that are insistent on calling it a ”disease”.

 Furthermore,  should it really be referred to as a ‘mental illness’ either? Through my research and personal experiences, depression is an understandable psychological reaction to the stress and violent deformities of the modern world.

I have tried a number of conventional and non-conventional methods to treat my own depression and I feel the most valuable activities are spending time in…

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