Smileys On – Secret Smilies And Emoticons Revealed !

Smileys on thanks to Don Charisma!

Don Charisma

People have taught me a few smilies along the way, and I generally pass on the favour and teach others. Most of you will have noticed that the smilies on have changed. They are now vector graphics and have a flat design look.

The announcement on the WordPress news page says there are some secret smilies – “Bonus: We also created a few secret emoticons for you to discover. Good luck finding them! 😉 ”

Now I can’t be 100% certain that this is the entire list, with all of the secret ones on, because I don’t have access to the php code. But I think it’s fairly much complete. Christine Jaydee’s post confirms this (see resources section). The ones that I found are – developer, burrito, martini, mindblown, whiterussian and wordpress.

If anyone would like to enlighten me on any missing one’s I’ll gladly update.

I’ve also checked…

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