Chocolate & Peanut Butter Hearts

Chocolate & Peanut Butter!

Blue Sky Daze

I picked up a heart-shaped mould last Valentine’s and since then, all I’ve wanted to do is make different varieties of mini heart-shaped chocolates! It’s actually fun and quite relaxing to prepare homemade sweets and of course, the results are always rewarding too ;-).

Since my 12-piece mould can hold a fair amount of chocolate while looking deceptively small and innocent, I’m trying to limit myself to using it just once a month. For March, I’ve made these simple milk chocolate hearts with a hidden peanut butter centre. They’re sweet, salty and absolutely irresistible!


Start with 200g of good quality chocolate. Melt about a third of the chocolate and use that to line each piece in the mould. Once this has completely set, spoon a pinch of peanut butter in to each piece. Melt the remaining chocolate and fill in each piece. Allow the chocolates to cool and harden completely before you pop them out and…

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