God Got A Face-Lift

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Alice Threw the Fooking Glass

When I was a child, I was taught and believed that God loved us and cared for us.  I believed that He heard and answered prayers.  I believed that He would show up when you were at your lowest points in life, when you were struggling through the most difficult times to care for you and protect you.  I believed that He would lift me up and carry me.  After all, that’s what the “Footprints” poem is about, right?  I was raised by Christian parents, with a father who was a Deacon in the Episcopal Church.  All throughout my life I was a devout believer.  That is, until I was 37 years old and God got a face-lift.

In 2009 I separated from my husband of almost 9 years.  It was an incredibly toxic relationship and a difficult one to get away from.  I won’t delve into the horrid details…

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