Cancer, Cancer Everywhere

From a great friend of mine, this is so share worthy. I wonder the same things as her. I’m 44 years old and a breast cancer survivor. First person in my family to ever been diagnosed. Cancer is everywhere 😦

Alice Threw the Fooking Glass

Chemo Cocktail When I was growing up, I didn’t know one single person who had cancer.  Not one.  I didn’t even have any friends who had family affected by cancer.  Certainly none that I was aware of.  I simply never heard the word anywhere but on television or in news articles.  I lived in a sort of “Cancer Free Zone”.  It was nice.  Was it just the luck of the draw?  Perhaps.  But my parents have said that they never knew of anyone who had cancer either.  It just wasn’t prevalent in the areas in which I lived.

The first time I ever heard that word in relation to someone I knew and loved was when I was 17, and my Granny (who was not doing well after several strokes) was diagnosed as having some cancer in her spine.  The decision was made not to put her through any lengthy or difficult…

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