My gut has told me the Sandy Hook shooting was a false flag… fake… absolute BS. When I followed the story, as it unfolded, I felt no emotion. Either I’m numb or this was all staged and I knew it in my gut.


At Last A Brave American Puts His Life On The Line For Our Country And Our Children’s Future

from Rense:

Nationally-Renowned School Safety Consultant, Ex FL State Trooper, Ex US Customs, Former Teacher, Asst Principal & Principal, Wolfgang Halbig, says…

In my professional opinion, I suspect Sandy Hook was a SCRIPTED EVENT that took place (and was) in the planning for 2 or 2 1⁄2 years.

Help Mr. Halbig EXPOSE THE LIES and reveal the TRUTH about what DID or DID NOT HAPPEN at Sandy Hook Elementary. We have a chance to destroy one of the most outrageous false flag, gun-grabbing operations EVER staged against America which has turned over 100,000 CT residents into FELONS because the stand on the US Constitution and refuse to hand over their firearms to their fascist state government. The CHANCE we have is riding on the shoulders of Wolfgang Halbig and…

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